Our Purpose

The Winesburg Community Business Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to serve as a forum to area businesses who provide products and services to outside, as well as internal, interests and tourism, for the exchange of ideas for the positive development of their business, keeping as much economic gain in the community as possible and to accomplish this in part by keeping Winesburg focused in the public eye as a historical but growing community.

To provide visitors with accurate information about the products and services the community offers as well as the heritage and culture of the community and its people.

To work for the general benefit of the community and safeguard its unique character by promoting the preservation and restoration of the historic buildings and the beautification of the town through keeping construction and signage compatible with the character of a vintage village. This is done through programs and financial assistance, as well as working with other organizations on projects such as developing new brick sidewalks, vintage style lighting and beautification of the village.

When We Meet

The Winesburg Community Business Association meets the first Monday of every quarter at 5:30 P.M. when announced.  We meet at the Zion Fellowship Hall for our called meetings. Area businesses and the public are encouraged to attend and have a voice in the matters of their community.

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